Monday, December 15, 2008

A-B-C down SO FAR; Dec. 15, 2008

Above is a 5min chart of the Nasdaq 100 showing what appears to be an ABC down so far. A break below the lows of today will make it a 5 wave drop and warn of further losses after a brief rally.


Anonymous said...

what will happen if the downside volume keep going down while the nasdaq is trying to cross over the s&p?

Todd S said...

I think that volume indicator lags a bit so keep that in mind. I would look at the Nasdaq as a leader, and if it crosses to the upside, volume, advancers, and the S&P and Dow should all follow to the upside. With this recent little sell off, the Dow and S&P made new lows on the day but the Nasdaqs did not. This little non-confirmation is bullish as long as it holds.