Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peter Schiff Explains the Fundamentals of the So-Called "Recovery"

Peter Schiff has been a bear for a long time on the US and nothing has changed recently. He was on CNBC's Fast Money today and I recommend you all view his clip if you get a chance

I've heard his arguement before, along with Bob Prechter, that most of the stock market's rally from March of 2009 was based mostly on inflation due to dollar weakness. Obviously, the weaker the dollar gets, the more dollars it takes to buy stocks, so when the dollar falls, stocks go up in dollar terms.

But as Schiff and Prechter report, the stock market has done very little rallying in gold terms, which is real money, since March of 2009. US dollars are fake money, credit slips, that the government prints at will. As I've stated before, dollar weakness and stock market strength has been the trend as of late and when the dollar bottoms and rallies, it should send stocks tumbling lower. However at the very end Schiff says he worries of a dollar crash, which I don't. I think the dollar is bottoming and will rally for months, if not years, which will put tremendous pressure on the US stock market.

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